Prepare. Monitor. Recovery.

LibertyID stands ready to address acts of business fraud against your company. We help you ensure your data breach response plan complies with industry regulations. We monitor the Dark Web for suspicious activity associated with your domain. When needed, we call in your dedicated data breach attorney and let them handle regulatory response and client notification. While they are doing that, we get to work on executing the identity fraud restoration plan for the compromised victims.

What they don’t tell you in entrepreneurial school is that all of this is the responsibility of your business.

Luckily, you don’t need to fully understand it. Because we do! It’s all we do. Your personal team of experts and defenders of your business. Together, we’ll put in place a synchronized and all-encompassing cybersecurity safety net.

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AProactive Elements

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Security and
Response Planning

It starts with a Written Information Security Plan (WISP). We coach you up with sample policies to bring it all into focus.

  • Written Information Security Plan (WISP)
  • Sample Policies
  • Employee Training
  • Resources
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Dark Web Monitoring

Automatically identifies all known email addresses at a domain that have been included in discovered dark web Breaches.

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Business Identity Fraud

A dedicated Business Fraud Manager who is a Certified Financial Crimes Investigator (CFCI) and fraud investigator– will support any fraud event including business ID theft and refund fraud.

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Identity Fraud Restoration

Covers all current employees and family members (LibertyID 3Generations*) for all areas of identity theft no matter where it occurs in their life – immediately.

  • Employee Identity Fraud Restoration
  • Identity Fraud Restoration – No Matter Where It Happens

BResponsive Elements

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Regulatory Response and
Client Notification

You are assigned a dedicated data breach response attorney and rapid response team who lead you through the data breach and ensures that your response and notification covers both your business and your customers regulatory responsibilities.

  • Dedicated Data Breach Response Attorney
  • Dedicated Rapid Response Team
  • In-Depth Assessments to Determine Compliance & Notification
  • Data Breach Notification Response Plan
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Identity Fraud Restoration

Covers the business’ customers/clients (past and present) in the event of a data breach of the business with fully managed identity theft restoration services.

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“With the help of LibertyID, we were able to stop all fraudulent activity. Even when things quieted down for 6 months and started up again – it was reassuring to know you had our back. I can’t thank your company enough…we definitely sleep so much better knowing we have your coverage.”

Cindy Seubert, RDH

Seubert Family Dentistry