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Wealth Managers

Wealth managers manage more than money. You manage sensitive data. Vulnerable data. And if you haven’t been breached, you’re in the small minority. You are a target. Cyber attackers aren’t the only threat — regulatory agencies are watching you, too. How are you handling sensitive financial data? Do you have a pre-breach security plan? Are you protected post-breach? You are with LibertyID. You, your clients, your employees all covered. Not to mention your reputation. There are millions of reasons financial advisors require cyber security. Number one is how easy LibertyID makes it.

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Protect Your Business
  • LibertyID partners with you in data security and response planning
  • A LibertyID fraud manager will remediate any fraud enacted upon your business
  • In the case of a breach we guide communications with your customers
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Protect Your Customers
  • Leads you in post-breach regulatory response and client notification
  • Restores identities of any of your customers (past and present) who had identities stolen
  • Gives all customers a dedicated breach specialist to handle all of their needs
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Protect Your Employees
  • Protects all employees in the case of a breach regardless of whether it was connected to your business
  • LibertyID covers employees’ parents, in laws, spouse and children

Fingers crossed.
Not a sound cyber security strategy.

These days every service you sign up for claims some kind of “cyber” protection. But don’t be fooled, these coverages have huge gaps in coverage and most never even address regulatory compliance. This is where LibertyID comes in. We don’t just prepare you; we protect you, your employees, your customer relationships and your entire business.

Why LibertyID

  • Regulatory experts ensure your business is in notification compliance in the event of a data breach
  • Access to an AmLaw 100 law firm in the case of a breach
  • Dedicated fraud specialist
  • No deductibles
  • 100% restoration success rate
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How it works

Easy as 1, 2, 3

You can sign up in three easy steps. No enrollments, no questionnaires and no personal employee information being sent across the web.

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$250/month and No Startup Fees

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No Data is Safe.

Know this, your data is not safe. Nobody’s is. Hackers are equal-opportunity breachers. They don’t only target the lowest hanging fruit. There are many ways data can be stolen and in no way completely protected.

Ways to be breached

  • IRS Tax Identity Theft
  • Bank Account Takeover Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Social Security Fraud
  • Utility Fraud

Losing streaks and HR losses

An employees’ identity being stolen is expensive. A massive time suck. Also lost is daily productivity dealing with the fallout – for the business and the individual. A lose, lose.

This kind of employee non-productivity turns human resources into human errors.

With the help of LibertyID, we were able to stop all fraudulent activity. Even when things quieted down for 6 months and started up again – it was reassuring to know you had our back. I can’t thank your company enough…we definitely sleep so much better knowing we have your coverage.

Cindy Seubert, RDH
Seubert Family Dentistry